I am interested in helping startups hack their inner operating system. What is our inner operating system? It is our core set of beliefs, values, and mental and psychological patterns that form the foundation of how we relate to work, deal with challenges, where we find fulfillment and motivation, what makes us come alive creatively, and what experiences, people and results we gravitate towards.

Just like a computer operating system ensures that applications are run in a way that is efficient, stable, robust and secure, so our inner operating system determines how capable we are at working smarter, staying adaptive and resilient, maintaining focus and perseverance during the challenging path of an entrepreneur.

And just like with computers, our operating system can be upgraded or hacked, to improve our ability to work effectively, see things clearly, make wiser choices, become more deeply in integrity, attract the right people, and feel fulfilled while building tech startups.

As a cognitive scientist, I am fascinated with how our mental and psychological systems work, and how they can be improved. As a spiritual practitioner I have experienced how our experience of and beliefs about reality can be vastly transformed with practice. As a tech entrepreneur, I have made and seen other teams consistently make sub-optimal decisions due to “bugs” in our mindset. I am excited to bring these insights together, as a way to help startups succeed. My talks are intended to give a taste of different dimensions of our inner operating system, its common pitfalls and possible hacks, and to show its importance in building a successful startup.