Startup Shaman allow founders and teams a deep dive into identifying and strengthening crucial inner competencies, unlocking their talents, resolving hidden blocks and tensions, and deepening their relationships to work and each other – all while unplugging and relaxing in a beautiful and serene location where we are nourished by nature, healthy food, meditation, music, and having fun together.

startup-chakras-ttWe experientially explore topics such as:

  • Understanding and aligning with your deeper purpose
  • Finding your flow and full creative potential
  • Debugging tensions and conflicts within your team, increasing team cohesion andintelligence
  • Understanding how to work effectively and remain focused on your critical path
  • Cultivating wisdom and clarity to discern true opportunities from distractions
  • Integrating mind and body to sustain energy and reduce stress and burnout
  • and much more.

We work, we play,  we connect and we discover together.

The content of each retreat greatly depends on each particular team, their situation, needs and capacities, as well as the emergence of each moment.

Here are a few photos from a recent retreat in Mexico: