As a tech entrepreneur myself, I have founded and worked with a number of tech startups. Over and over again, I see how the things that often hold startups back are not the “external” circumstances: shortage of funding, lack of talent or inferior business models, but “internal” factors, such as:

  • self-limiting beliefs
  • unquestioned assumptions
  • lack of focus
  • tensions within the team
  • stress, burnout and more.

From my own experience, I know that running a startup can be stressful, confusing and exhausting: making decisions in the face of uncertainty, stressing out over delivering on time, managing disagreements among your team, getting grilled by investors, feeling discouraged by negative feedback from customers or partners, etc. Even the joys of reaching a successful milestones can seem fleeting, and quickly displaced by the next set of challenges. In the process it’s easy to neglect the most fulfilling dimensions of the entrepreneurial experience: following our passion, having creative freedom, and building relationships with inspired people. But with simple practices, habits and perspective shifts, we are able to both remain more fulfilled and inspired, and become more effective and resilient as entrepreneurs.

I am offering personalized coaching to tech entrepreneurs, designed to increase both effectiveness and fulfillment. In this engagement, we meet periodically (as often and as long as needed), learn essential ingredients of entrepreneurial mindset by looking at issues such as: purpose, focus, creativity, flow, team dynamics, stress and many others. We work together to learn to solve whatever challenges are arising in your startup, while helping you become more capable, confident and fulfilled as an entrepreneur and leader.

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